Have you prepared your “After”?

You are the one who knows best about your life details. Spare your loved ones the burden of having to retrieve them.

Organize them and transfer the details to your heirs while designating specific persons of trust and expertise.

They will safely ensure the recovery of all your precious assets (physical and non-physical).

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Why add difficulty to the sorrow of your loved ones ?!

When you think about what to pass along to your loved ones, do you think your heirs could answer
these questions: where are your keys? your important files? your personal memories? How to access your computer? How to take care of your pets?

Organizing the retrieval of all personal and professional matter of a beloved person after his/her
passing or incapacity makes an already sensitive situation even more complicated.

Valuable information can be incomplete, unorganised and sometimes even lost. Your loved ones will waste precious time (and considerable loss of value) trying to deal with the things only you
know about.

A smooth transition to facilitate the tasks for the ones you leave behind.

With Ivestu, your loved ones will:

– be helped by all information you will have designated to them in a clear, complete and organized
– know exactly how, when and where to use it.
– contact all the persons of expertise you will have chosen to complete specific tasks (accountant,
lawyer, notary, car dealer, veterinarian, etc…).
– be aware of some of your choices (the limits you want to enforce on your potential medical treatments, the music for your burial ceremony, your digital life wishes, etc…).

Ivestu wants to facilitate the transfer of information to your loved ones.

As a member, you organize your own file. You add all necessary data (scans, photos, videos, documents, passwords etc…) and allow access to all information designated to them.

They will then know exactly where, when and how to use it :

– The IVESTU application allows you to create as many files as needed designated to different persons and functions: work file, personal file, all organized by specific themes.
– You then appoint administrators and allow them access to your information.
– You also have the possibility to add contributors to whom your loved ones coud refer to.

They will facilitate this retrieval: experts, persons of trust for all valuables, etc…


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A certified application in accordance with your needs thanks to our expertise

The founders of IVESTU, experts in the world of European finance and tax, have felt the need to offer a service which could simplify this legacy transfer from yourself to your loved ones when you aren’t able to take care of your life details anymore. They personally trained and surrounded themselves with IT and law experts to create this easy to use application, allowing anyone to smoothly organize their “After”.

A perfect addition to a will ensuring your serenity as well as your heirs

By organizing a Life File, IVESTU users will experience peace of mind knowing their life details are in order. Ivestu is mainly used as an addition to a will to ensure an easy, simple and efficient transfer of all necessary information regrouped into one platform. They will be perfectly organized for optimal efficiency and protection security.

A smooth transition for the loved ones you will leave behind

With Ivestu, your heirs will :
  • be able to access all the information you will have delegated to them within a clear, complete and organized space
  • know exactly how, when and where to use your information
  • take care of all your life details as soon as necessary
  • contact the specific trusted persons you will have chosen to help them

Don’t wait any longer to organize your life details. Thanks to Ivestu, your Life File is immediately available online once you’ve chosen the subscription that suits you best. Take an hour of your time to make everything easier for your loved ones.

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Any questions ?

Who are we ?

Since 2019, the IVESTU project has assembled a team of professionals with a wealth of experience in the field of international corportae taxation.

Their goal was to find a solution that best facilitates the transfer of information to loved ones in case of incapacity.

This concept was created from a twofold observation :

–        Many people are postponing this sensitive subject to a later date.

–        Others take steps but only gather fragmented, unsecured and outdated information.

The group has built and organized a team of skilled specialists in IT, digital security and international law.

After a two-year maturation period, IVESTU was created, first in Europe with the aim of covering other continents in the near future.

The IVESTU application was designed to be simple, guided, permanent, secure and totally independent of any organization (bank, major corporation, insurance company, etc.).

Its primary purpose is to best mitigate the consequences of an unfortunate event.

The trademark “IVESTU” is a contraction of the phrase “I vest you”, meaning I delegate a task to you.

For media enquiries, please contact: mike@IVESTU.com

To contact us, please email : contact@ivestu.com